JCards Is A Payroll Time Tracking App That Can Help You Track Your Crew and Reconcile Time for Payroll

Our alert and notification feature on your phone allows you to easily manage busy schedules without the need to reconcile time at the end of a week or month. With a simple clock on/off feature, our time tracking payroll software handles everything for you. You can also use the app’s GPS tracking feature to track the location of employees and review this against actual time spent via our payroll real time reporting feature. With our mobile app, you can easily manage your team’s time, projects, and assigned tasks. So, wherever your mobile workforce is working from, you can use JCards to manage them and assign tasks to them! It’s easy to use, and all data is automatically synced with our dashboard, allowing us to generate monthly and real-time reports. We handle all administrative tasks so you can focus on what matters most, rather than tracking or reconciling employee time. This will help in improving productivity!

Employee Clock In/Out Notifications and Alerts

Our payroll reporting feature will help ensure that your employees use the app correctly by sending friendly reminders to clock in and out. Your employees will be reminded to clock in and out at specific times throughout the day by the app. When your employees begin each scheduled task, they will be reminded to check in and out as they arrive and depart from your workplace via the Employee Scheduling feature. 

Real-time insights for managing your workforce

With our integrated payroll systems , you can track the progress of your employees in real-time. This means that when your employee begins a task they are on the clock and this easily integrates to payroll systems for easy end of month time reconciliation.

Manage Your Crew With Our Time-Tracking App

Time management is critical to running a successful businesses with a mobile workforce. With JCards, your employees will be more aware of their time and more likely to stay on task and work more efficiently. You can completely eliminate this hassle and have accurate time management with complete transparency of where time is spent.

Frequently Asked Questions About Easy Payroll & Accounting Package Integrations

No, there are no setup fees. Simply sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial to start using JCards without providing credit card information.

To access the Free Trial, sign up and register on the JCards website. You will receive a 30-day free trial with unrestricted access to all features of the Desktop and Mobile app versions.

The feature allows you to automate timekeeping and payroll processing, control costs, improve compliance, and optimise field operations by integrating JCards with your payroll solution.

JCards provides a time tracking app that allows you to see where your employees are working, schedule jobs, and accurately track their working hours in real time, making payroll time tracking easier and more efficient.

Yes, JCards automates timekeeping and offers features such as alerts, notifications, and GPS tracking, eliminating the need for manual time reconciliation at the end of the week or month and saving you valuable time.

By integrating with payroll systems, JCards allows you to track the progress of your employees in real time. This integration facilitates easy time reconciliation at the end of each month.

JCards help improve time management and productivity by making employees more aware of their time, keeping them on task, and providing complete transparency of where time is spent. It simplifies managing a mobile workforce.

Yes, JCards automatically syncs data with the dashboard, allowing you to generate monthly and real-time reports. These reports provide the necessary information for payroll purposes.

JCards simplifies time tracking and provides accurate time management, ensuring employees stay on task and work more efficiently. By streamlining administrative tasks, JCards allows you to focus on what matters most.