Plan And Coordinate The Work Of Your Crews Effectively

The time-clocking app offered by JCards allows business owners to view the performance of the business at the push of a few buttons and within any parameter of time. The app records employee data, job, task, and location when they clock in. You can plot firm performance over a day, month, or year. JCards provides thorough, accurate reports with these features:
Thanks to the JCards GPS enabled Time tracking app, employees can keep an accurate and timely record of the company’s timesheeting.

Effectively Track The Work Of Your Employees

A time tracking report is an excellent way to keep monthly tabs on how your business is performing and where employee time is being spent across your mobile workforce. The JCards ‘real-time’ reporting tool allows you to track who is working, when, where, and how long they are working on each job. It also makes it simple to track your team’s progress and ensure that everyone is carrying out their responsibilities.

Here’s How You Get Started:

Download the JCards time tracking app today and use it risk-free for a month and get access to your work activity reports which allows you to keep track of your crew’s activities, schedule, and development.

Frequently Asked Questions About Realtime Reports

Real Time Reports in JCards provide up-to-date and downloadable insights into your field and trade business operations.

No, simply sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial to hit the ground running. No Credit Card Required.

Simply sign up and register for a Free Trial on the JCards website to receive our 30 day FREE trial giving you unrestricted access to all Desktop* and Mobile app features.

*Excludes Integrations to accounting packages which is only available for paid subscriptions. 

Real Time Reports allow you to access and analyse crucial data promptly, enabling informed decision-making and improved productivity.

JCards offers a wide range of reports, including timesheets, project progress, employee productivity, job costing, and more.

Yes, JCards allows you to customise report settings and parameters to align with your business requirements and preferences.

The reports are updated in real-time, ensuring that you have the latest information at your fingertips.

Yes, you can easily download the reports in various formats, such as PDF or CSV, for further analysis or sharing with stakeholders.

JCards provides the ability to schedule automated report generation, allowing you to receive reports at specific intervals or dates.

JCards enables you to generate reports for individual projects or specific timeframes, giving you targeted insights.

Yes, the reports in JCards often include graphical representations, such as charts and graphs, to help visualise data trends and patterns.

By providing real-time data and insights, Real Time Reports empower you to make informed decisions quickly and effectively, leading to better outcomes.