Schedule tasks to your team in real time

The JCards Job Scheduling App for rendering businesses allows you to plan out your employees’ days, weeks, and even months using schedules that you create for them. It is simple to create new jobs and assign them to your mobile rendering team.

JCards generates reports with a full breakdown of where time is being spent on what jobs across the business. As a business owner this allows you to have full visibility of where your time is being spent, how you can improve productivity and significantly simplify how you invoice clients by having total clarity on time spent on each site.

Receive Real-Time Work Status Reports, Complete with Photographic Attachments

Workers can upload images of their work in progress directly from their mobile devices using the JCards time tracking app. This allows you to receive real-time updates on your employee’s progress, as well as keep track of an issue that you have discovered on-site. If any of your team members forget to punch in or out or turn in their timesheets, you have the option of sending automated reminders.

Add Unlimited Staff

JCards also allows you to add an unlimited number of staff and team members and easily keep track of their work. So if you’re a business with a small workforce of 2-3 rendering trades or a business of 20 trades working remotely across Australia, JCards will have all your time management needs covered.

Use our Time Management App To Keep Track Of Your Crew’s Working Hours

Effective time management is an absolute requirement for running a successful rendering and texture coating business with a mobile workforce. Your employees will be more aware of how they spend their time and will be more likely to stay focused on their work, resulting in increased productivity.

Time is always on your side when you use JCards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rendering Businesses Time Tracking

No, there are no set-up fees involved. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of JCards, allowing you to explore all its features without any initial costs. No credit card is required for the trial.

simply sign up and register for a Free Trial on the JCards website to receive our 30 day FREE trial giving you unrestricted access to all Desktop* and Mobile app features.

*Excludes Integrations to accounting packages which is only available for paid subscriptions. 

JCards is a specialised time tracking app designed for rendering businesses, offering features that streamline project management, enhance team collaboration, and improve overall productivity.

Absolutely! JCards allows rendering businesses to track the time spent on each project accurately. You can easily monitor project progress, track hours worked by employees, and generate comprehensive time reports.

Yes, JCards offers a mobile app that rendering teams can use to track their time, record project details, and communicate with the office. The mobile app enhances efficiency and ensures real-time data synchronisation.

Yes, JCards is equipped to handle multiple rendering projects concurrently. You can allocate resources, track project timelines, and monitor the progress of each project. This helps you stay organised and meet project deadlines effectively.

Yes, JCards provides features to track material usage and manage inventory for rendering businesses. You can monitor stock levels, track material consumption per project, and streamline procurement processes for efficient resource management.

JCards offers predefined feature tiers with flexible user options to cater to the needs of your rendering business. While you cannot individually select features, the predefined tiers ensure you have access to the necessary functionalities.

If you remove users from your JCards account, they will be immediately removed from the system and will not be included in the next month’s billing cycle. JCards operates on a monthly billing cycle, and any changes in user count will be reflected in the subsequent billing cycle.

No, there are no lock-in contracts with JCards. You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time, allowing you to adapt to the changing needs of your rendering business.

JCards provides a streamlined digital solution that eliminates manual time tracking and paperwork. By digitising time management processes, JCards improves accuracy, reduces administrative tasks, and increases overall productivity for your rendering company.