Manage Your Team While They Are Working at any Location

Roofing contractors usually have their workforce moving across multiple jobs at any given time during the week. With the help of our alert and notification feature, your roofing staff will be able to easily manage their busy schedules and track progress from job to job all via the push of a button.
This roofing company time management software’s built-in GPS tracking functionality allows businesses to monitor the locations of your workforce in real time. You can easily manage time, projects, and tasks that are assigned to your team if you use our Time Tracking With Photo Attachments. Whether you’re at the office, on a job site or working from home, JCards can help you manage your team! Tracking time will be almost completely automated and data is synchronised with the JCards dashboard to generate weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reports as required for your business.

Employees' Alerts And Notifications When Clocking In And Out Of Work

The JCards time clock app will send automatic reminders to your roofing employees at set times during the day as a general reminder for them to clock in and out.

GPS Tracking Functionality For Monitoring The Location Of Your Roofing Staff

JCards include a GPS tracking function for roofing businesses with a mobile workforce that works on many different job sites and locations. This gives you the ability to keep track of the amount of time spent by each employee in each location they work from. You also have the option of viewing the location of your workforce on an interactive map. You can find out where your team is located at any given time. It’s super easy to use and simple to onboard team members too. Download the JCards Time Tracking app on your device, and you can immediately begin seeing the benefits of using it.

Utilise Our Time-Tracking App To Keep Track Of The Work Hours Of Your Roofing Staff Members

In order to run a successful roofing company, effective time management is important. With JCards’ time management software, you get clarity and transparency on where your employees spend their time which has major productivity benefits.

Trial JCards for a completely free 30 day trial and you can see why JCards is the perfect app for roofing business owners to save both money and time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing Companies Time Tracking

No, there are no set-up fees involved. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial and explore all the features of the JCards app without any initial costs. No credit card is required for the trial.

simply sign up and register for a Free Trial on the JCards website to receive our 30 day FREE trial giving you unrestricted access to all Desktop* and Mobile app features.

*Excludes Integrations to accounting packages which is only available for paid subscriptions. 

JCards is a comprehensive time tracking app designed specifically for roofing businesses. It helps streamline workforce management, track job progress, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Yes, JCards offers a user-friendly mobile app that enables roofing field teams to easily track their time, manage projects, and stay connected with the office. The app simplifies time tracking and enhances communication between teams.

Absolutely! JCards allows you to track the progress of roofing projects by recording the time spent on each task, capturing job details, and monitoring completion rates. This helps you stay informed about project timelines and make informed decisions.

Yes, JCards provides features for scheduling and allocating jobs to roofing teams. You can assign tasks to specific team members, set priorities, and ensure efficient utilisation of resources.

Yes, JCards allows you to track the materials and equipment used in roofing projects. You can record the consumption of materials, track inventory levels, and generate reports to streamline procurement and reduce waste.

JCards offers set feature tiers with flexible user options to accommodate the needs of your roofing business. While you cannot individually select features, the predefined tiers ensure that you have access to the necessary functionalities.

If you remove users from your JCards account, they will be instantly removed from the system and will not be included in the next month’s billing cycle. All business accounts are paid monthly in advance, so any changes in user count will be reflected in the subsequent billing cycle.

No, there are no lock-in contracts with JCards. You have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time, providing you with the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

JCards offers a streamlined digital solution that eliminates the need for paper-based time tracking and manual processes. By digitising time management, JCards simplifies record-keeping, reduces errors, and provides transparency in workforce management for your roofing company.